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Electromagnetic Lifter Chuck

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Square Electromagnetic Lifter Chuck
MW84 Square Electromagnetic Lifter Chuck is specially designed for lifting and transporting medium-thick steel plate .The whole operation is safe, exact and quick , when transport some long plates they easily go distortion, so we advice combination of multiple units to be used. For some plate which thickness is around the range of 6mm-32mm, space between 2 magnets should leave an extra 2.5-3.5m, the length at each end is that of one half of space.According to different lifting pieces, the series is divided into type 350 and type 400 and type 500 and type 650.Type 350 is suitable for medium-thick plate factory, ship building factory, machinery manufacturing factory, it is controlled by adjustable magnetic field, and can lift one or certain pieces of plates. Type 400 is suitable for lifting as many as possible pieces at a time ; We can also produce the product less than 700°c ( high temperature type) for you.

Round Electromagnetic Lifter Chuck
MW5 Round Electromagnetic Lifter Chuck is an electromagnetic principle, by internal coils generate magnetic force, through magnetic panel, the contact surface of the work piece panel tightly sucked through the coil power, the magnetic force disappears achieve demagnetization, remove the piece of principle the production of a machine tool accessories.

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