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Column Mounted Jib Crane

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The Column Mounted Jib Crane is composed by the vertical shaft, revolving arm, rotating shaft, hoist etc. The bottom of the vertical shaft is fixed on the concrete base.
Horizontally Rotation of the revolving arm: Manual, depend on the operator use the human force to push the impending working or self prepared rope etc device. The hoist travel right and left straight on the H beam with the hoist to lift the heavy materials.
The Jib Crane is suitable to work in the dock, warehouse, workshop etc Fixed working conditions, it can work within the 360 degrees to lift, move and materials handling.
Simple structure, light dead weight.
Install the rain cover to protect the electric hoist.
360 angle for rotating, or as your requirement.
Including the safety system, like emergency stop device, etc.
Two control types: ground handle and wireless remote.
Safety System
1. Weight overload protection device
2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer
3. Crane traveling limit switch
4. Voltage lower protection function
5. Emergency stop system
6. Current overload protection system and so on

Technical Parameter

Lift capacity (t) 1 2 3 5 6 8 10
horizontal throw (m) 5.5-10.5 5.5-10.5 5.5-10.5 5.3-10.3 5.3-10.3 5.2-10.2 5.2-10.2
Radius of gyration (m) 7-12 7-12 7-12 7-12 5-10 5-10 5-10
angle of revolution 180/270/360
Lift height (m) 3-5
Lift speed (m/min) 8/2,4/1
Travel speed (m/min) 20
Power Supply Three-phase A.C. 380V, 50HZ (As your demand)

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