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European Electric Hoist

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European electric hoist is a new kind of low headroom hoist. According to Europe standard of FEM and DIN, the European electric hoist is basis of general lift capacity, basic structure, mechanism working system and performance parameters, and modular design idea.
European electric hoist is compact structure, high space utilization, reliability, wide working scope, smooth and precise traveling and load, long service life, low maintenance expenses.
European electric hoist can be used in transporting materials from workshops or warehouses of many fields, such as machinery manufacture, equipment maintain, port, railway, civil aviation, and electricity, esp. suitable for the pinpoint material transportation and bulk components precise assembly situations.
High Efficiency
1. In the same factory building and work environment, We can cover a greater area, save space and cost, increasing profit
2. Squirrel-cage cylindrical 2/12 pole double speed brake motors, speed ratio 6: 1, hoist work levels can reach M6. Running gear adopts frequency control,running speed at 2 ~ 20m / min.
High Security
1.Security monitoring system equipped with overload limiter
2.The controller will perform a self-test before starting
3.Provided lift limit switch, when arrived at the limit, the motor can automatically stop running
High Reliability
1.Germany motor, insulation class F, protection class IP54, overheated protection
2.Electrical components and parts select Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other Famous brands, electric control box protection is not less than IP54.
3.Run agency has horizontal guide rollers to prevent deviation and ensure that the trolley has smooth running performance.

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