Bridge-erecting Crane

Bridge-erection Crane

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Bridge-erection Crane mainly consisted with main beam, cantilever, under guide beam, front and rear legs, auxiliary outrigger, hanging beam crane, cantilever crane and electric hydraulic system. Applies to three different span single-span simply supported beam erection, with high operating efficiency.
The Bridge-erecting Crane is designed for highway and railway, mainly used for lifting of concrete girder in bridge construction building, is large bridge construction equipment which can install precast girders span by span for highway bridge.
With unique and reliable girder structure, the bridge-erection crane gantry allows air current to pass through the hole as it works high above the ground, thus greatly reduce wind impact on main girder, quite safe.
This type of erecting crane can erect straight line, the longitudinal slope less than or equal to twenty per thousandth of 20m,24m,32m, composite beam and continuous steel structure. There is construction of bridges, continuous erection of simply supported variable-span and construction of other working condition. But also provided by simple bracket erection, fixed-point lifting, lifting beam with good stability, high efficiency, safety and reliability, easy to adjust variable cross and easy to operate, etc.

Technical Parameter

Lifting capacity (t) 60 80 100 150
Applied bridge span (m) 20-30 20-35 30-40 35-50
Applied slope ≤1/20
Rotation radius (m) 200 250 300 350
Applied tilted angle 0-15°
Trolley circulate speed (m/min) Hoisting 1 1.2 0.8 0.6
Lengthways moving 6/0.6
Horizontal moving 6/0.6
Crane speed (m/min) Lengthways moving 6/0.6
Horizontal moving 6/0.6
Carrier-carrying cart moving speed (m/min) 6/0.6
Total weight (t) 84 95 146 180
Power supply 3phase A.C. 50Hz 380V

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