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Fixed Hydraulic Scissor Lift

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Product Description
The fixed hydraulic scissor lift is a heavy carry lifting equipment, is generally used for lifting cargo, people, working place and loading, unloading goods from ground to other floors, is an ideal equipment for goods production lines, lifting cargo from floors. includes Electric type and or Manual type.
According to the lift height and load capacity, it is classified to single scissor type, double scissor type and multi scissor type, lift height is from 1-20m, 100kg-20ton. The control mode and power supply voltage are customized according to different requirements.
The fixed lift tables are suitable for factories, workshop indoor and outdoor, airports, offices, shops, station, architectural decoration industry, wharf, bridge, hall, machinery installation, equipment maintenance, building maintenance, institutions, garages, warehouse and other industries.
1. Easy to operate, Can be used both indoor and outdoor
2. High-duty steel, High stability mechanical structure, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity
3. Can for many people work at the same time
4. Makes the work more efficient, safe and more security
5. Operation is easy
6. With two sets of control system, one control the box below, another hand controller on safety rail that can be operated on work platform
7. Convenient,energy-efficient and environmental friendly

Model Lifting height (mm) Min. Height (mm) Capacity (kg) Table size (mm) Power (kw) Rising time (s)
SJG0.5-4.5 4500 750 500 2000*1000 2.2 77
SJG1.0-4.5 4500 850 1000 2000*1500 3.0 80
SJG2.0-4.5 4500 900 2000 2200*1500 2.2 90
SJG1.0-7.5 7500 990 1000 2200*1800 3.0 100
SJG2.0-7.5 7500 1065 2000 2400*2400 4.0 105
SJG2.0-1.8 1800 700 2000 2500*2000 3.0 50
SJG5.0-1.8 1800 960 5000 3500*2500 4.0 88

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