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Crane Hook

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Hook is designed for use in crane lifting application. And the hooks is with safety latch, clevis hook with self-locking, clevis slip hook and clevis grab hook.

1. Material: high tensile forged alloy steel
2. Construction: quenched and tempered
3. Proof load: proof load tested at 2.5 times of working load limited
4. Safety factor: breaking load is 4 times of working load limit
5. Fatigue: fatigue rated at 1.5 times of working load limit
6. Standard: EN1677-2, EN1677-3

The Usage
1. Hooks are use for alloy steel chain and wire rope
2. The feature of this hook is wide opening and lightweight
3. Material: High Tensile Forged Alloy Steel
4. Construction: Heat treatment and high temperature treatment

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