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Variable Speed Electric Winch

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The Variable speed electric winch has two-speed with fast and slow and two multi-function, is mainly used in hoist, pull, drag and drop weight, can be used in all kinds of large and medium-sized steel and mechanical equipment installation and disassembly, mine, civil construction and installation project of the factory.
Variable speed electric winch is mainly for underground coal mining face, mechanized mining equipment and various types of mechanical and electrical equipment relocation and other auxiliary transport work, as well as underground mining face, shaft bottom, down the mountain mine surface, etc. the tramcar scheduling, material transport can also be used for the back of the stope pillar caving.
Variable speed electric winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even cylindrical  shape and coming with steel rope.
1. Compact in size, light weight, portable to move and easy to install.
2. Anti-low-temperature design assure its normal working at extremely low temperature.
3. Simple and reliable operation with little noise.
5. Stable in inflammable, explosive, wet, damp and other extremely operating conditions.
6. The Rated Force can be tailor-made to your requirement.

Model Rated Load Rated Speed Rated Capacity Rated Diameter Motor Type Motor Power Overall 
  KN m/min m mm   KW KG
JT3 3 0-30 200 17 Y200L-6 22 6000
JT5 5 0-30 300 21.5 Y225M-6 30 9500
JT8 8 0-25 400 26 Y280S-6 45 10000
JT10 10 0-25 400 31 Y280M-6 55 16000
JT16 16 0-20 500 37 YZB315S-6 75 22000
JT20 20 0-20 500 43 YZB315M-6 90 16000

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