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Electronic Intelligent Anti Swing Crane

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During the Overhead & Gantry crane running, due to the inertia, the lifting hook ( or other spreaders) will swing with overhead & gantry crane move, this swing is not conducive to crane hoisting operations. Anti-swing device can help the overhead & gantry crane to avoid the impact, bow we suggest the electronic anti - swing to instead of mechanical anti-swing device.
Overhead & Gantry crane electronic anti-swing control system consist of sensor, programmable controller, drive and bridge crane system, uses digital AC variable frequency speed control device.

Working Principle
Its working principle is: the sensors and detection element collect the running information, such as spreader swing angle, the angular velocity and so on, microcomputer internal programmable controller will process these detected information, then will provide the best control parameter to the vehicle velocity modulation system ( Drive device) to control the electric hoist trolley running direction and speed, limit the spreader and load swing angle to the minimum, then achieve anti-swing and eliminate swing purpose.
Together with electric trolley running, electronic anti-swing achieve the effect of reducing swing by controlling the corresponding input force, can achieve automatic control, compared with the mechanical anti-swing device, no need drivers operating experience, almost can unmanned operate.

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