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Intelligent Unmanned Overhead & Gantry Crane

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Intelligent Unmanned Overhead & Gantry Crane operate through the intelligent spreader and matched image recognition device, laser detection device together to complete the unmanned lifting operation, has the following function:
1. Three-dimensional coordinate positioning
The integrated spreader has three-dimensional coordinate positioning device inside, precisely positioned by respectively monitor the coordinate position of traveling trolley, the whole crane and lifting hoist.
2. Automatic operation
After the material is transported to the designated parking area, the image recognition and laser detection device will automatically identify whether there is any material in the area and calibrate the position coordinates. After confirmation, the image recognition and laser detection device matched computer system will automatically transfer the material and  position coordinates Information to the unmanned spreader, and automatically confirm the stacking position, achieve automatic operations.

Intelligent Unmanned Overhead & Gantry Crane is based on the ordinary Overhead & Gantry crane, through three-dimensional coordinate positioning, wireless data transmission, computer systems and a large number of advanced sensors, with image processing and laser detection technology to achieve unmanned crane operation.

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