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Wall Mounted Jib Crane

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Wall mounted jib crane is a kind of lifting equipment composed of wall crane and chain hoist or electric hoist, is a new generation of hoisting equipment developed to meet the requirement of modernized production in side workshop or house. It is wall mounted type which is suitable for short distance, frequent and intensive hoisting operations. It is 180 degree operation with remote control device, so workman can operate from a long distance, it is a safe and ideal modern rigger materials and equipment.
1.Loading capacity: 0.5~2ton
2.Lifting height:3~20m
3.Jib length:2~10m
4.Slewing degree:0~180°
5.Power supply:220~440V,50/60HZ,three phase or customized design
Jib crane Feature
Simple structure, Easy and reliable operate, convenient maintenance
Turning agile, high efficiency, energy  frugal, labor saving, wide working conditions
Simple and convenient to install, can be installed on the wall directly, also can be fixed on machine equipment so that it can save workshop space.
Suitable for machining workshop, assembling workshop, foundry, heat treatment plant, transportation, loading and unloading, spare parts to flip homework.

Technical Parameter

Model Rated lifting (t) Lifting Height (mm) Min. rotation radius (mm) Max. rotation radius (mm) Overall height (mm)
BXS0.25 0.25 3,200 250 3000 800
BXS0.5 0.5
BXD1 1 3,400 300 950
BXD2 2 3,500 450 3,000 1,150
BXD3 3 4,500 500 4,000 1,350
BXD5 5 4,700 550 4,000 1,500

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