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Portal Crane

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Portal Crane are mainly used for loading, unloading, mechanized handing and transship container, sundries and bulk cargo in the port, medium or small harbor,storage yard, shipyard, ships, wharf, it includes lifting mechanism, traveling mechanism, rotary mechanism, luffing mechanism.
Portal Crane can make good use of the limited space of the port, yard and other places, and is available for empty and full loaded work of shipping and requirement of surface car transportation.
Portal cranes are based on the well proven mobile harbour crane technology and can be easily integrated into existing or planned terminal infrastructures, designed and manufactured according to the "GB3811-83 Crane Design Standard" and "GB6067-85 Crane Safety Tutorial", with advantage of advanced capability, high working efficiency, compact frame, calm movement, comfortable operation, safety and reliability, convenience maintenance, nice appearance and so on.
Portal Crane Specification
Hoisting capacity: 40t
Hoisting luffing: 12-43m
Rail span: 12m
Max. slewing diameter: ≤9m
Max. lifting height: 30m
Max. wheel load: 300kn
Lifting speed: 30 m/min (50 m/min)
Traveling speed: 26 m/min
Slewing speed: 0.8/1.0 r/min
Luffing speed: 50 m/min
Motor drive: IP54, level F insulation
Portal Crane Feature
1. High working efficiency, compact frame
2. Convenience maintenance, nice appearance Safe and reliable
3. Intelligent and highly efficient, spreader whole rotary automatic
4. Single boom crane intelligent sway amplitude control
5. Lifting structure anti-speed protection
6. Low voltage protection
7. Energy electricity control system, Energy saving and environmental protective

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