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Ship Marine Crane

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Marine Crane also can be called Marine Deck Crane, Ship Crane, Deck Crane, are manufactured by modern hydraulic systems and high strength design coupled with modern fabrication techniques. Hydraulic Deck Crane are fully proportional for precise controlled motions.
Marine Crane Application
Marine Crane can be used in port, wharf, freight yard, refloat, ships, salvage boat, etc. The Marine Crane can lift and load dangerous cargoes, oil and chemical docks. Marine crane is often installed on the ship deck. applied of where there are not much loading & unloading operation, supply lifting hook, electromagnetic chuck and grab bucket as customer requirement.
Marine Crane Specification
Load capacity: 0-80 tons
Lifting height:  0-35m
Slewing speed:  0-1.0r/s
Lifting speed: 0-10m/min (stepless speed)
Max/Min working radius: as per your requirements
Slewing degree:  >360°
Max inclination:  (Heeling) 5°/ (trim) 2°
Power supply:  as per your requirements
Design temperature:  -10°C<T<+45°C
Wind speed:  Max (working):20m/s Max(no-working):50m/s
Control: Manual platform or cabin or remote controller
Certificate: CCS ABS BV or as your requirement
Marine Crane Feature
1. With integrated hydraulic power pack
2. Fail-safe brakes on all movements
3. Fully enclosed and equipped drivers cabin
4. Dual pump system with separate hydraulic circuit for hoist and luffing/slewing to ensure efficient cargo handling
5. Variable speed hoist trolley
6. Suitable for all kinds of ships and low power consumption and high efficiency

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