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Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

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Shipbuilding Gantry Crane is a kind of great lifting capacity, large span, high lifting altitude, multi function, high efficiency gantry crane, is special for the fragmented transport, end-to-end joint and turning operation of large ship hulls.
Shipbuilding gantry crane steel structure compose of gantry frame, electric hoist or winch trolley, travel mechanism, and electrical devices, is totally strictly design and manufacture according GB/T8504-95 technical standard, GB/T1440693 gantry crane, GB6067 safety reputation, GB3811-2008 design standard.
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane is used in the place of manufacturing of ship and dock, with the development of large-scale shipbuilding, Shipbuilding Gantry Crane demand rapidly grow. Compared with the traditional portal crane, shipbuilding gantry crane has the obvious advantage of the installation and transportation of hull sections, can provide on-site assembly service at the coverage plane in the dock, not only has the lifting, horizontal transport function, but also can implement hull air turnover, adjusting the fragment to the welding position of ship required.
Shipbuilding Gantry Crane Feature
* Material Q235B ( Fe37), Compact structure, space saving
* Single box girder, adapt advanced welding technology
* High tension bolts, life time safety connection.
* Multi function hanging, hoisting, turnover in the air
* Variable section design, reasonably utilize materials
* Two main hooks, separately fixed and working
* Operating mechanisms adopts frequency control
* Safe and reliable anti-wind devices, rail clamp, ground anchor

Technical Parameter
Item Specification
Type 2x25t+50/10t 2x50t+75/20t 2x75t+80/20t
Total Lifting capacity (T) 100 150 200
Turning over capacity (T) 50 100 150
Span (m) 40~180
Lifting Height (m) 25~60
Lifting speed Up trolley (m/min) 0.15~15 0.6~12 0.5~10
Lower trolley (m/min) 0.15~15 0.6~12 0.5~10
Traveling speed Up trolley (m/min) 0.6~30~45
Lower trolley (m/min) 0.6~30~45
Crane (m/min) 0.6~20~30
Working duty A5
Crane rail QU80~QU120
Total power (kw) ~350 ~410 ~460
Power source 3-Phase AC 380V50Hz or as require

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