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Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

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RMG Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane is a type of large dockside gantry crane for loading and unloading containers from container ship, is specialized ship yard container handling machines. Its travels on rails to lift, transport and stack containers on the yard, container terminal, The container is lifted by a spreader.
RMG Rail Mounted Container Gantry Cranes is automatic and less need for human handing, the maximum load capacity is 300t, suitable for large span loading and unloading, frequently railway freight yard, port, open storage yard, container transfer station etc.
The Container Gantry Crane adopts U type door frame, it consists of main bridge beam, two supporting legs, traveling mechanism, the cart and the electric equipment. The bridge beam is welded structure of box-type, is supported by two supporting legs, can be extended at both ends by using the girder overhangs so that the peripheral area of workshop can be served; individual drives are adopted for traveling mechanism on each end of the crane. It is prohibited for lifting melt metal, flammable, explosive, corrosion, overloading, dust and other dangerous operations.
All movements of the crane are controlled in the cabin, has three Control methods: 1.Pendent line with press button 2.Cabin control 3.Remote control
Technical specification
Capacity: 5~300 Ton (main hook) / 5~80 Ton (aux. hook)
Span: as required
Cantilever: As required (not more than length of 1/3 span)
Lifting height: As required
Lifting speed: 0~20 m/min or as required
Lifting system: Hoisting trolley
Traveling speed: 0~80 m/min or as required
Working duty: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7
Power source: 380v, 50Hz, 3-phase or as required
Power supply mode: Cable reel / Bus bar
Control method: Cabin / Remote control/Pendant
Working temperature: -25~60℃
1. Reasonable structure, strong box type, welding by machine hand, strong and beautiful
2. Good performance, smooth starting and stopping
3. Low noise, low cost maintenance
4. Safe and reliable operation, Strong bearing capacity
5. Being driven by electrical power, large lifting capacity, higher traveling speed
6. Top quality control Wheels, gears, couplings, wire rope drums
7. Top quality and famous Heavy duty motor

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