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Metallurgical Electric Hoist

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Metallurgical electric hoist is the ideal light metallurgy Lifting equipment that can be used in metallurgical single beam crane machine, and can also be installed in the workshop fixed hanging rail, is often used in factories, mines, docks, ports, storage houses, workshops etc., which is the necessary machinery to raise labor productivity and improve working conditions.
The lifting can satisfy the requirement of general use, can be single speed or double speed, it can satisfy the requirement of precision loading and unloading, examine and repair machine tool etc precision work.
The operator can choose the best position to control electric hoist, thus avoiding operator working in poor visibility, severe pollution, while avoiding operator suffered harmful gas.
Metallurgical electric hoist Specification
1.Lifting Weight: 2Ton~10Ton
2.Lifting Height: less than 20m
3.Power: Three-phase ac 380 v, 50 HZ
4.Lifting Speed: 8m/min
5.Running Speed: 20m/min
Two sets of independent brake, double spacing, heat insulation plate
Reasonable structure, Favorable performance
Smooth starting and stopping system, Safe and reliable traveling mechanism
Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
Convenient maintenance, excellent exchange for parts and components
Long service life, High mechanical efficiency
Remote control, No flashlight door handle line limit
Overload protection, Traveling and lifting distance limit

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