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Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

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Capacity: 10 ton~ 40 ton
Lift Height: 9m to 40m
Span: Max. to 65m
Duty Class: A7, A8
Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase or as required

Electromagnetic overhead crane Description
QC Electromagnetic overhead crane is based on the general overhead crane, consist of main beam, lifting mechanism, hoist traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, cabin, electromagnetic disk and electrical control system. The electromagnetic disk can attract iron goods. The beams are welded by the machine hands, the structure more reasonable and reliable. The cabin is used for operating the Electromagnetic overhead crane, has seats inside, with toughened glass windows, extinguisher and fan, and also can equip with air-condition, buzzer, inter phone according to request. The shape of the magnetic can be circle and square according to goods.
The Magnetic overhead crane is a special lifting crane equipment to lift iron or steel blocks, cylinders and other iron product, magnetic retentive is 10 minutes after power shut, is widely used in steel plants, warehouse, stocks, metalworking plant, steel mills and foundries.
The Crane Magnetic chuck is MW84 (square) or MW5 (round) Lifting Magnet, are used for lifting and transporting steel scraps, can lift steel more quickly and conveniently than any other mechanical device. They are suitable for transferring cast ingots and various kinds of steel scraps, have huge magnetic force, can attract lots of steel scraps at one time. The trolley is designed with slewing mechanism, so the lifted steel bar can change direction freely.
Electromagnetic overhead crane has three control method, can be optional based on budget or need: Cabin control, wireless remote control or pendent control.
Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Feature
1. All movements are independent and can be run simultaneously.
2. Improve lifting efficiency and long using life
3. High quality welding technology of the crane and NDT inspection
4. Reasonable structure, favorable performance; Strong durability
5. Smooth starting and stopping; Superior safety and reliability
6. Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
7. Safety protections, such as overload protection, lifting and traveling limit switch, electric protection, buffer, sound and light alarm, etc.
8. Simens, Schneider, LYC electric parts

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