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Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

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Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Application
Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes are widely used in mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical, road and bridge, water and electricity being installed the terminal, hydropower station, engineering and installation. oil and other hazardous environments industries.
Based on our long produce experience in explosion-proof applications, this explosion-proof overhead cranes with explosion proof hoist are widely and high-efficiency applied in oil plant gas industries and related industries.
All crane components are selected to ensure the high level of safety required for the hazardous atmospheres in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants, paint shops and other industrial sites. Our cranes have been designed and built to provide years of reliable and safe operation.
Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Specification
1.  Manufacture standard according to JB/T 10219 explosion-proof overhead crane
2.  Explosion-proof sign is respectively Exd II BT4 , Exd IICT4
3.  Apply to the inside factories with the detonating ability not higher than IIB or IIC, and flammable mixture environment with the Ignites temperature classes of T1 ~ T4 group
4.  Applicable for dangerous area district 1 or 2 (see GB3836.1-2000)
5. All motors, electrical equipment explosion-proof performance meet the GB3836.2-2000
Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Feature
1. Precision needle bearing, lower friction level, longer service life
2. Wireless remote control
3. With Emergency stop button
4. Galvanized wire rope, Rope winding orderly, safe and reliable on performance
5. Big curvature, fiber oil lubrication
6. Pass 1.25 times static overload test
7. Running stably, Reliable operation with low noise (no exceed 85dB)

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