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Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

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Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is the ideal equipment for lifting bulk materials, is mainly used for operation of feeding, conveying, mixing, fetching and weighting of the bulk materials.
Grab Bucket Overhead Crane consists of box-shaped bridge beam, grab bucket,lifting and traveling mechanism,cabin and electric control system.

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Description
Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is widely used in power plant, freight yard, workshop and terminal to transport bulk cargo. Its classification group is A6, A7. The load handling device is four rope grab with double drum, The grab bucket can open and close in any height, but it only adapts to particle materiel accumulation in natural state. If you want to grab the material under water or special material, you should mention it before place order. The grab overhead crane can be used both in indoor and outdoor, and the outdoor will equip with rain cover.
Grab bucket has switching mechanism and lifting mechanism. The Grab bucket is separately hung over the switching mechanism and lifting mechanism with four steel wire ropes. The switching mechanism drives the grab to close to grab materials. When we discharged the materials, only need to start the switching mechanism to opens the grab.
Except the lifting mechanism, the Grab bucket overhead crane is basically the same as the bridge crane with hook.

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Application
Grab bucket overhead crane is widely used to transport, assemble, check, repair, load and unload at mine, port, factory, workshop, warehouses, and goods yard, construction, indoor-outdoor warehouses, metallurgy etc.
Lifting Capacity: 8T/10t /12.5t
Span Length: 19.5-31.5M
Operation method: Cabin
The rated load lifting capacity includes the weight of grab itself.

Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Advantage
1.Reasonable structure, strong bearing capacity
2.Main lifting mechanism is equipped with speed switch
3.Safe and reliable operation
4.Commodious cabin and open view
5.Low cost maintenance, long working life
6.Strong box type, welding by machine hand

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